Testimonials Extended David C.

It’s a glorious summer day, in the mid 80’s, lots of puffy clouds in the sky, and a sun that given the chance will burn you to a crisp.  We all know how to apply sun-screen, and ample quantities might I add.  But this morning I reflect on my years of being a nudist, the people I’ve met, and the stories – some good and some bad. 

I have been a nudist most of my life, sometimes active and other’s doing the family thing – running to the store for milk, shopping, dropping the kids off for their various sporting events, etc.  This past 8 years, I have not been asked to do those activities…the kids are now all grown, and living very productive lives…Thank God.

This change in life events allowed me to embark on my lifelong dream.  To sit on my porch on a glorious summer morning, and work on my novels – short stories, and just listen to the birds chirp, the breeze blowing the leaves to and fro, and to be naked.  I accomplished that, and moved in to a nudist resort to further those dreams.

Ah, but things are not always “glorious” in paradise.  The road is fraught with bumps and potholes.  What seemed to be the dream, also came inner squabbles, dictating owners, and other residents that had their own agenda of how they wanted paradise to be.  Didn’t seem to matter what I wanted, or how tranquil life could be if everyone just “got along…”

So I spend several years in Paradise, wondering why things were the way they were – wondering why ownership also brought people who had ideas of “LIFESTYLE = NUDISM”.  They were not ashamed to show exactly what they wanted with their “LIFESTYLE” – and best served in public display.

My mate and I prefer the traditional naturist attitude, and after several displays of things that should have been taken to a motel room, we decided to look around for a club that had a moral standard – a family environment – a community that cares about its members – Serendipity Park in Cleveland, GA.

On a bright summer morning just a few weeks ago, we set out to see just what “The Dip” had to offer.  It was a weekday, so not many were in attendance.  We did that on purpose – so we could have time to talk with those that live in the resort and time to talk with the Manager, Stuart.

We arrived, and was greeted by this very nice man, who showed us and another couple around the park.  My wife was very pleased and kept commenting, “I like this…”  Always something the husband wants to hear.  The manager showed us all around, explaining the “rules” and how much he’d like us to become members.

As we had not planned to stay the night, I was shocked when my wife kept saying….”But if we move a mobile home here – we can retire…we can put up this, plant flowers here and there, we can go dancing every Saturday night….”  I was shocked.  She was making the plans – and had never taken that aggressive approach before.  Wow.

So, we went home that night – and she kept raving about the “Dip” and how welcome she felt.  She liked the people, and the place was just the feel she liked.  She didn’t want all that commercial atmosphere, and she didn’t want a high sexual tone going on all around her.

The residents came out to meet us, walked over and offered their hand of friendship.  We were shocked.  These people are real – and they seem so open.  The women chatted and talked my wife’s ear off…Something I think she really liked.  (Men get over it, they are going to chat…about stuff we neither want to know about nor care…)  On my side, the men were offering to help when I suggested moving my RV up to the park.

We felt – “we’ve found home!”

This is just the first of installments I will offer.  When one truly finds “heaven” – then we should speak out about it…  I hope that my rambles will help those who are traveling “the dark side” to realize there are parks out there that live up to their moto – their belief – their ethics.

“Serendipity Park” in Cleveland GA is such a place.  Thanks Stuart.