First-Timers Guide

So you want to try social nudism. A most excellent decision! After reading this page you should have a pretty good idea what to expect on your first visit. All of the most frequently-asked questions are covered here, as well as some general information, hints and tips, do’s and don’t’s, you get the idea. The most important idea to remember at Serendipity is “Just take it easy.” You may be understandably nervous about it, but also a bit eager for the experience. What should you expect from your first visit to a nudist environment? Expect to feel anxious and strange…for about 30 seconds! Then expect to feel stress, strain, tension, and anxiety begin to melt away as you experience the freedom of being clothes-free and escape from the (learned) cultural shame of body taboos. Have you ever seen a toddler who just hated being naked? Of course not, shame is an emotion we must be taught. You will be amazed how quickly you revert to your natural (unashamed) state.

You should also expect to meet an amazing group of individuals who have won the AANR’s Koch Award (for outstanding friendliness) EIGHT times! Our members will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and comfortable.

Q: Do I have to get nude right away?

A: Some nudist parks are clothing optional and others are strictly nudist only. Serendipity Park is a clothing comfortable facility, which means that we want everyone to have the time that they need in order to become acclimated and comfortable, and no one is going to pressure you to disrobe. But ultimately, everyone is expected to be nude, weather permitting, and total nudity is ALWAYS required in the pool and the spa. Certainly by your 2nd or 3rd visit you will know whether or not you can do it. If not, that’s OK. It is not  everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are interested in participating in social nudism, then we enthusiastically invite you to visit us at The Dip. Not ready yet? Come on out anyway and take a free tour. Meet the people and see the facility, we think you will want to stay! (So bring a towel.)

Food and Drink: Currently, our cafe is not open during the week. We always have food available for breakfast and lunch on Saturdays and Sundays, and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. If you would rather bring your own, please do so. Ditto for adult beverages, as we do not sell beer or wine or spirits. This is not true of all nudist facilities. Some allow no adult beverages at all, others have a vending license and will not allow you to bring your own. ALL clubs will cast out obnoxious visitors, so be smart about it.

Wi-Fi: Free wireless internet service is available in the clubhouse and poolside.

Q: What should I bring?

A: The most important item a nudist needs is a towel to sit on while nude. It’s an etiquette/hygiene thing. Heck, bring two towels. Also, don’t forget sunscreen, sunshades, photo ID, and a cooler of your favorite beverage.

Q: What should I NOT bring?

A: Use common sense…do not bring weapons, fireworks, a pissy attitude, narcotics, unrelated minors, and don’t bring photography equipment. We have our own photographer to record special events, holiday parties, etc, but we will never take your picture unless we have your permission and a signed release. Almost all phones, tablets, and laptops now have cameras, and many folks like to work while poolside, so there’s not much we can do about it…EXCEPT: If you are spotted snapping pictures of our members or guests, (and we’re quite good at spotting this,) the device goes into the pool (you don’t get it back) and you go out the gate. Period. And, as a bonus, you will find yourself banned from every AANR facility in the United States AND Canada. How ’bout them apples?

Q: May I bring my pet?

A: Serendipity Park is extremely pet-friendly, BUT PETS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE RENTAL UNITS. If you are visiting for the day, tent-camping, or have your own camper, then you are welcome to bring Fido. Exceptions: pit bulls and rottweilers are NOT permitted on park property.

Q: I have: (A) piercings (B) tattoos (C) implants or (D) all of the above on my (A) genitals (B) nipples (C) eyebrows (D) tongue (E) lips or (F) all of the above. Is this a problem?

A: Maybe. Management reserves the right to turn you away if we feel that your “adornments” do not mesh with our family-oriented atmosphere. Rules of thumb: dainty, inconspicuous, low-profile jewelry is fine. If you look like you did a naked belly-flop into a giant tackle box, then no. Tattoos must not be offensive, and you know who you are.

Now see,


these are quite lovely and nice. On the other hand…


Oh my gawd holy crap kill it with a flamethrower!

Forget it, we can’t have you frightening the children. And another thing, we shouldn’t have to explain to our younglings why you have a Master padlock hanging from your scrote (true story.) Remember, limit the body jewelry to inconspicuous and low-profile and nobody gets their feelings hurt.

Q: I’m too fat, skinny, young, old, wrinkled, smooth, scarred, white, dark, tall, short, hairy, or otherwise self-conscious about some damn thing or other. Won’t people stare and point and laugh at me?

A: No. We’re too busy laughing at ourselves.

Q: Do you allow singles?

A: Yes! Your Behavior Is Your Passport. But understand that our membership is primarily composed of couples and families. Some families like to bring their children and grandchildren to the park, and so members and guests are expected to behave as if there were children present, well, because…  children are usually present. If you are looking for a more adults-only type of experience, you will not like The Dip. We are very adamant about having a park where people can feel comfortable bringing the whole family. Think of it this way: OTHER THAN BEING CLOTHES-FREE, any behavior or activity that is expected to occur only behind closed doors out in the “textile world” is expected to stay behind closed doors (or tent flaps) at Serendipity Park. 

Q: I really want to try social nudism, but I don’t want be “hit on.”

A: The American Association for Nude Recreation promotes nudism as a family-friendly activity and sanctions those clubs that agree with this philosophy. We do not condone so-called “lifestyle” activities. Activities that are expected to stay behind closed doors in the textile world are also expected to stay behind closed doors at The Dip.

Park Admission: See the Rates & Cabins tab at the top of this page for details. Grounds fees for overnight visitors carry over until check-out time (11 AM) the following day. Full members never pay grounds fees! Full members come and go as they please and enjoy special discounts and other perks. Full members are the salt of the earth. Full members live longer, healthier, wealthier lives. Full members are happier, stronger, better smelling, and strawberry-flavored.


Don’t you want to be strawberry-flavored?

Q: What is the dress code for the dance parties?

A: That depends mostly on the time of year. When it’s cold out most folks wear stuff. Or not. During warm months, males usually wear nothing to the dance. Females usually wear nothing or a lovely sarong. Children must vacate the clubhouse during dances. This is not because we are doing anything freaky, it is simply more of a bar-type atmosphere, a chance for Mom & Dad to let their hair down, have some Jello shots, listen to some loud music, and dance their brains out.

Fitness Center: It’s very well-equipped. Minors must be under adult supervision at all times in this room. There’s just too many ways to get hurt in there.


Spa: It’s 102 degrees and awesome. Kids have a low surface area and can overheat very quickly. Children under 7 should not be in the spa at all, and children under 14 for 5 minutes at a time only. Certain health problems necessitate that you do not enter the spa, and hey guys, if you are taking certain…um…helpful medications, that affect blood thickness and flow, then for God’s sake stay out of the spa unless you really like ambulance rides.

Hiking Trail & Blue Creek: The creek is the boundary of park property on the north and west sides, and an absolutely gorgeous, tranquil, soothing mountain stream. If you follow the creek up or downstream from the main trail, please respect our neighbors on the other side and cover up when in eyesight of their homes. There are plenty of areas along the creek  that are secluded where you can be nude. Let’s not piss off the neighbors please.


Office Hours: The park office is open every day from 9 AM until 4 PM (sometimes 3 PM on Mondays or Tuesdays.) The security gate is monitored round the clock, but please let us know if you will be arriving before or after office hours so we can arrange to meet you and get you checked in. Look: It’s not too much to ask…if you arrive after office hours without a reservation or prior arrangement you may not be able to check in. Be nice and call ahead. Seriously, you probably won’t be admitted otherwise.

And finally…

…the Grand Prize for THE NUMBER-ONE most frequently-asked question goes to:

Q: What if I get an erection?

A: The answer is…it rarely happens in an atmosphere that is decidedly NOT sexually charged, such as that found in the common areas at an AANR-sanctioned nudist park. But it can happen, and that is yet another excellent reason to  bring an extra towel. Just cover up and think about baseball stats you randy goat.